Folk Tales- Russian Fairy Tales

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The GreyWolf


Baba Yaga click to enlarge

Shot taken at the fifth Gala Nocturna – theme was “A Russian Fairytale”, Antwerp, Belgium, February 2012

Baba (meaning grandmother) Yaga, is the witch from the East, who is equivalent to the wicked witch in British fairy stories. She scares little children, because it’s said she eats them. Nevertheless she isn’t always bad, because she gives good advice to the pure in heart. She lives in a hut, which has a magic door and windows like eyes, on chicken legs roaming  the forest. One of her mischievous tricks is to falsely guide travellers through the forest. She flies sitting on a mortar and being steered/propelled by her pestle.

In my novel, Boris sees the rabbi with long hair, strange clothing, who is going to lead them through the forest, as Baba Yaga, which on top of leaving his parents frightens him.


This and other Folk Tales are referred to in my novel RUSSIAN RESOLUTION

  1. Pat Taylor says:

    Jake in Russian Resolution tries many girls in order to forget Tanya, but it doesn’t work. Fortunately she is not plain like Chernava.

  2. jakekilgour says:

    The river Volhov and it’s watery grave feature repeatedly in Russian Revolution

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