History- Novgorod bells and the Veche.

Travel – Novgorod birthplace of Russia.


‘A spy’s romantic encounter in Russia reveals the murderous grip of the KGB, Mafia & FSB over everyone in Russia.’

Flatten Cover 3

Ex diplomat and spy, Jake framed for murder in Russia, returns risking his life to save his lover, Lena, from the clutches of his KGB nemesis, Boris.


I have been involved in Russia (formerly Soviet Union) for over forty years in a variety of posts. I discovered a warm, generous people, who knew the horrors of war, wanted peace, and welcomed foreigners. However, there was an elephant in the room, the secret police and the government were never mentioned and had an invidious grip on the population.

In the West there are many spy novels about Russia written from the Western hero’s viewpoint. There are also some excellent writers, such as Simon Seebag Montefiore, whose novels describe life in Russia for those close to the Kremlin.

I have tried to describe how the Cold War affected relationships between normal people. I could never have a Russian friend then. I also found that the cultural background of Russians was very different from Western Europeans.

Russian Resolution is the first in a series of novels (RR collection) based on my experience and research over many years. Although all the characters are fictitious and the events of course, never happened, a large proportion of the book has some basis in fact.

For example, the looting described in the Prologue did take place. The war museum in Novgorod’s Kremlin has photos of this event. However, there were no Russian martyrs as I describe them except for the inhabitants of the proud city of Novgorod, which had withstood the Mongol Hordes and Teutonic Knights and then …..

This blog looks at the culture, politics, history, and places that form the background against which this book is set. I will also reveal more detail of the reality behind the book.

I hope that you the reader will add your comments, opinion and experiences. Who knows it might be included in my next book Russian Reparations.

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