This site is for the views of ordinary people in Russia, the West, and elsewhere, not for pundits or propaganda. Living and travelling around Russia I met Russians, read Russian newspapers and realised that we form our views from the media around us. For example, how much did you know about the Ukraine until you saw and heard about it on the radio and TV or read the newspaper. From what little information we are given we form an opinion. Thus, a few powerful newspaper owners or censorship and pressure by governments determines how we think. I will give some examples in this blog page.


  1. jakekilgour says:

    GAS! GAS! GAS!
    Posted: July 1, 2014

    I was in Gubaha, an industrial town in the Ural mountains in the eighties on an initial site preparation visit for a petrochemical construction project. Very few people there, even the Russian interpreters, had ever seen a foreigner so they were rolling out the red carpet. A city tour had kindly been laid on for me, part of which was visiting a junior school. The hosts stood at the school entrance and wanted me to enter first into the shiny red tiled hall with a blue surround. As I walked across it my feet felt tacky. I looked round and saw I had a trail of blue footsteps across the red centre. It had just been painted. At first I was aghast, because I thought it was my fault, but everybody was following me, making even more of a mess, in order to cross to the classroom on the other side. We all burst out laughing at me trying to pull my feet up as if they had chewing gum underneath, but not for long. My laughter turned to shock when I entered the classroom. The teacher was pointing to a large map with Afghanistan in the centre, but that wasn’t what I was surprised at. Every child had a gas mask on their desk!

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