The novel- spies,intrigue, unrequited love

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RUSSIAN RESOLUTION – A thriller, love story about revenge, MI6 vs. KGB.

During the Cold War, Jake Kilgour, a married diplomat and spy, meets Tayna, an Intourist guide in a Novgorod restaurant where she asks him to dance. He is tempted, but refuses, because he believes it is a KGB trap.

Continually drawn back to her, Jake cannot suss her intentions as he is drawn deeper and deeper into the clutches of Boris a brutal KGB major, who hates Jake and lusts after Tanya.

There can be only one winner out of the two suitors vying for her favours in their deadly struggle through the years from communism to capitalism.

The novel is embedded in the cultural background of Russia and its tragedies. There are many twists, turns, deaths, betrayals, and despair before the unforeseen ending.

  1. Pat Taylor says:

    It’s hard now to remember how the Cold War and the threat of a nuclear holocaust was so real post the Cuba crisis. The world was more secure then than now. Things have changed a lot since, or have they? As Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc the secret police in East Germany, Romania and Hungary were discredited and disbanded. Not so in Russia where Andropov and later Putin, both ex KGB, rose to become leaders of the country.

    Jake & Tanya in the above novel are both Cold War casualties.

  2. Verna Taylor says:

    I don’t like the novel cover above, but I understand that it not the final version.

  3. Pat Taylor says:

    Russian Resolution is the first of a series in the RR Collection. All of the series have links to Russian Resolution, but do not necessarily involve the main characters from it. The series includes Russian Revenge about Chechnya, Russian Retaliation about the Cuba Crisis, Russian Route about the North West Passage, Russian Reconstruction etc.

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