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Pat’s career includes: Grave digger, Lay preacher, Hypnotist, Squadron Leader, Editor UK & NATO Soviet Missile Handbooks, Technical Intelligence specialist, Diplomat & Attache British Embassy Moscow, and Director of international companies working in Russia and the Eastern Bloc.

A fluent Russian speaker with almost forty years of experience of Russia, Pat has travelled widely throughout Eastern European communist countries running projects in the Urals, Siberia, Armenia, Hungary, Romania, and East Berlin. During the transition from Communism to Capitalism he carried out UK Government funded projects to help budding Russian entrepreneurs.

In 1989 he completed an Msc (Soviet Management) and in 2001 a PhD (Russian Entrepreneurs). Subsequently, he was awarded a Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship to carry out further research in Russia.

Russian Resolution is the first in a collection of novels revealing the real Russians: generous, welcoming people traditionally ruled by an oppressive political systems enforced by secret police.

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